Megabus nyc to philly

Megabus nyc to philly - However if those do not suite Philadelphia is playground for youngadults and there always group of people with similar interests Food Dining main court Hans pretty decent. I ve experienced better

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Part of the uniqueness drexel is that you get chance to work in your field during school. Login to rate or flag the reviews Alexis from Philadelphia PA Reviewer current student here. I truly feel as though ve learned lot in my time here at Drexel and like knowing that teachers have actually worked their field of study so they what talking about. I decided to look online and track the bus saw that it was arriving shortly after because left Washington DC starting destination close two hours late | Greyhound Bus Lines - 50 Photos & 169 Reviews ...

Food and Dining Drexel offers many options for however the choices get very old fast. See all photos from Kara . Dorm rooms all have their own air conditioner and heater. I was looking for seat and soon realized that the bus already full

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Compare bus lines between DC and NYC - The Washington PostBeing the city and surrounded by so many people activities apart of something. I feel safer when m there than my own neighborhood. the opportunities are endless. Login to rate or flag the reviews Nicole from Redmond WA Reviewer is past student here. I could not easily find out when you needed to be at the station. However I have stayed over for few nights and did enjoy the time there. State troopers are also not an uncommon sight campus

You never know who will run into during interviews or while on the job. Stop following Maria . Schuylkill Yards which does not involve any capping projects . I am currently four weeks away from completing my first coop. The quarter system allows you to take more classes every year and though work is condensed into week period it both manageable time effective. Share any unusual traditions or locations campus All of Drexel university well known and beautiful. I think that for the cost of living there it not worth but dorm was where made lot friends so plus. Dorm Life Different options including suites and threeroomed dorms

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Be open to meeting new people. Most food on campus is expensive too however there are trucks that can provide good dining options you just have know which ones . I m excited to learn and contribute


  • Login to rate or flag the reviews Melissa from Miramar Reviewer Accepted here and planning attend soon. From NY to Philly isn as bad. of Categories Comments Great for these types students Drexel is community anyone looking city campus experience with academics and diverse social life

  • I fell in love with when visited two years ago. What to do for fun The whole city is around you something that lot of isolated schools can offer. The dining hall is decent there also chick fil and taco bell convent store that can used with their plans Dorm Life recommended

  • Want to chime in Yes Let Vote Maybe Later Allie . I asked again and she said that there was no room. the first time called they were booked up but this able to read more in Town Car Service Airport Shuttles Limos Bongiorno Transportation us schedule Taxis Business info summary Edit Work here Claim Hours Add Ryan

    • They called cab Van that could hold six and it arrived after minutes. I met with a professor and adviser they were great

  • As freshman and sophomore I assumed that because did well didn have to interact with my professors. Clean and safe learning environment the heart of Philadelphia. GET INVOLVED and do it right away

    • After my summer break I was able to find coop position with an engineering firm Philly for the fall and winter quarters. Tips for prospective students Take AP Classes some other collegelevel . Reviewer has not been to campus

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